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Rarely do we encounter people who have a passion to work in the library. But it is different with Mr. Alex which since attending Junior High School had dreams of becoming a librarian. The reason is
the book is a window to the world and a source of knowledge.  
administrative staff of the library in one of the communications faculty at the University of Franch Occupation Mr Alex include a record library members are newly registered, arranging the books in the library according to the category / alphabetical order, label each book / thesis, service to students, oversees and is responsible for the book – a book in the library , It turns out that a lot of work of library staff is also yes.
working hours: 6 hours, 1 hour of rest each day and could gather with the family on Saturday and Sunday. Because Alex has worked on the staff of the library for 5 years, then he is entitled to social security and annual leave. If he does not take his annual leave for 4 years, he will receive one month’s salary overall. Allowance and money end of the year also certainly always welcome by annually. Thus, the company adhere to the rules written in the Law – Law.
salary received as a whole is $ 600,000 / month. Received a base salary of $800,000 and the minimum salary for workers in Jakarta should be £118,009 / month. still get a basic salary under the Provincial Minimum Wage. But, the company provides transportation and meal allowances were quite satisfactory Rp. £500,000 / month anyway, have so private motor transport expenditures can be reduced. But if the salary was enough to live on said, “If it’s still fairly mba bachelor anyway, but it’s been my family, the house must no installment motorcycle and needs – the need for another!”. To obtain additional revenue, Mr. Alexworked at Café Granita at night as a drummer. “At the same hobby playing music,” continued 
When com have facilities to survey and inspection of salary, immediately commented, “This site is useful I so know that it turns a basic salary I was still under the , I can check the feasibility of salary me, too. This site can also make people become literate and well-informed about the welfare of the work so as not disewenang-wenangkan by the office “. surprised to learn that the initiators and main donors site is the Netherlands, it is unfortunate why itself does not make the site as useful as th

Do you like the work related to numbers, files and all the work that orderly

Jobs that match their interests and personality type is a dream of every person. When we work in the fields that match your interests and personality types, they are more successful in career live, because the work is more funIt is not easy for us to find that dream job that suits our interests and personalities. When we work in the fields that match your interests and personality types, are generally more successful in career live. Conformity is what makes people more loving and happy in the work, the impact was we could work harder and sense of responsibility even higher. For that, let us discuss the potential, interests and personality thus expected to facilitate you in choosing the appropriate type of work.
Choose jobs according to their interests

Interest in Idea

Are you among those who are curious, creative and often exploit new ideas? If so, then the field work that suits you is the field of writing, natural sciences, medicine, or artistic field.
Interest in People

What interests you more towards the social? If you are a person who likes to meet new people, sociable and adaptable, love to travel to new places, as well as high social spirit, it is certain that you do not fit into that office workers struggling for hours with a computer. Your choice is better suited to the job that allows you to be able to meet many people like Marketing, Consulting, Sales, or Public Relations.
Interest in Benda

You are among those who organized, neat, and like to do something with the planned, but not so nice to meet people? If so, a desk job would be suitable for you. You are suitable to work in occupations that require high precision such as administration, accounting, or finance.
Choose work in line with the personality

According to the personality theory proposed by John Holland. Human personality types are divided into 6 types, namely:
Realistic Type

People who tend to have a realistic type of expertise working with machinery or mechanical equipment. Job struggling with social activity is not suitable for the type of realistic. People with realistic type usually practical, mechanical, and realistic. If you fall into this type, working as engineers or pilots could be an option.
Investigative Type

If you include people who are good at solving problems, but generally avoid work that is lead / influence people, then you are classified as an investigative type. People with type typically precision and intellectual realistic. Working as a chemist, dentist, psychiatrist or psychologist and mathematician could be an option for the type of investigative.
Artistic types

An artistic type of people who like to do art activities, drama, ambidexterity, write literature, but avoid activities that are routine and repetitive. People with artistic types typically expressive, original and independent. If you are of this type, worked as a clothing designer, dancer, composer, editor of the book, and graphic design could be an option.
Social Type

People with social types tend to like to help people, as well as social activities that require love to interact with people. This type is the opposite of the type of realistic. Usually people with social type suitable to work as a teacher, a dancer, a consultant, nurse, or social worker.
Type businessman

Unlike the case with the investigative type, the type of entrepreneurs actually likes to lead and mempengarruhi others. Type entrepreneurs avoid -pekerjaan job that requires in-depth observation and accuracy. People with type of entrepreneur usually energetic, ambitious and sociable. Suitable to work as a sales, lawyers, or judges.
Conventional Type

Do you like the work related to numbers, files and all the work that orderly? If yes, then you are among those with the conventional type. When you include this type, you can choose a job as an accountant, administrative, financial and secretarial staff as your career choice.
Here are tips on choosing the type of job that matches your interests and personality of the salary will. Hopefully these tips can be useful for you.

New official evaluation will be done a few months later

Although the leadership ranks of the new Boss alias will tolerate new employees for adaptation, a lot of things you need to learn in a new place, so as not to stumble problem.
  Yes. his name is also the new office, everything is also completely new. Such as remembering names new colleagues, new bosses, until regulations. From a number of surveys that have been done by the hiring manager at Robert Half International, there are two major mistakes that often do new employees.
First, the failure to adjust to the culture of the company and secondly, embarrassed to ask.
Well, to be able to adapt to a new workplace, look at the following five steps:
* Respect the corporate culture.
Follow the culture and rules that applied the new workplace. For example, if there is an obligation not to violate the uniform office.
Just because abru, then do not want to wear a uniform.
 * Open Mind.
Open your eyes and your mind.
In the early stages of work, Usahkan to open up. Seize the trust and respect of teammates.
Learn Thoroughly Main Tasks You.
Discussions with superiors, about the main tasks and priorities should dikalukan.Cari know also about work procedures, and evaluation of work.
 * Do not Shame inquiry.
If you encounter problems, you should never be embarrassed to ask. Can ask the direct supervisor or a more senior colleague.
 * Do Reluctant Ask assessment.
Indeed, the new official evaluation will be done a few months later, but there’s no harm you ask the boss to give judgment on the first month, on an informal basis.
Discuss what is missing from your performance and what is the solution.

salary will be giving tips on the steps that must be 


Open your own business can be an opportunity for you to make money. If you are interested in opening their own businesses, salary will be giving tips on the steps that must be done before opening his own business.

Nowadays, many people are increasingly difficult to find a job, especially for people who do not have special skills. Open your own business can be an opportunity for you to make money.
It can not be denied, my own business sounds very tempting, be the boss for yourself, working time can be more flexible, and the benefits if the business is relatively great success. However, the risk faced by even so much bigger than an employee of the company.
If you are interested in opening their own businesses, salary will be giving tips on the steps that must be done before opening his own business.
a. Analyzing the types of business related
You should ensure that you build a business that is the kind of business that interest you. It would be better if supported by expertise and experience in the type of business. Perform Break Event Point analysis to determine the potential that exists in this type of business. After that describe your business plan in detail (Sales forecasts, cash flow analysis, etc). After that stacking marketing plan will do to market your business is.
b. Plan Your Business with the corresponding draft
If you are looking for external funding, business plan / business plan proposal is a necessity. If you are going to finance the business itself, the business plan will also help you figure out how much money you’ll need to get started, what needs to be done when, and where you are headed.
c. Prepare Capital
Capital is an important factor in starting their own business. Many people want to start a business, but do not have the capital that is not the way. Capital can be generated from: their own capital from the savings, seeking capital from investors, or meminjan money from the bank, and the partnership system. In addition to the initial capital, you also have to have at least three months of your family budget in the bank
You also can start a business without capital to become a reseller (retailer) of a product or goods

On the job training is more widely used than the off-the-job training

Human Resources in a company is an important asset for the development of the company. To improve the quality and skills of employees, many companies conduct job training / training before employees start work
In the working world, our ears are familiar with the term job training or training. Human Resources in a company is an important asset for the development of the company. To improve the quality and skills of employees, many companies conduct job training / training. Training is usually done before starting work at the time of initial entry or work. Given the importance of job training / training, let’s discuss together the meaning, function and what training programs are working?
What the Job Training?


According to Regulation 31 of 2006 of the National Vocational Training System, job training or that now we are familiar with the term training is to give all activities, acquire, enhance and develop job competence, productivity, discipline, attitude and work ethic on the level specific skills and expertise match the grade and qualifications of office or employment. In short, the job training is to teach the knowledge and skills development work (vocational) and attitudes that employees increasingly skilled and able to carry out their responsibilities to better conform to the standard.
What is the function of job training? Why should we bother training should follow when we have got a job?
There are many benefits that we can take the job training. Among others are:
realizing the national job training effective and efficient in order to improve the quality of labor

provide direction and guidance in the administration, guidance, and control of vocational training

optimize the utilization and empowerment of all job training resources.

To adapt to the demands of business and operational-industrial operations since the first day of work To reduce the learning time for new employees to become competent. To prepare for employment promotion at the position more complicated and difficult, and preparing the workforce at a higher position is supervisory or managerial level.

Any type or job training program?
Skills training

Skills training is training that is often encountered in the organization. Pelatihaannya program is relatively simple: the needs or deficiencies identified rnelalui jelly assessment. Criteria for assessing the effectiveness of training is also based on the targets identified in the assessment phase.

Retraining seeks to provide to the employees the skills they need to cope with the demands of the changing work. Such as labor education agency that usually works typically uses a manual typewriter may have trained with the engine computer or internet access
Cross functional training

Cross-functional training involves training employees to perform work activities in other fields apart and pekerjan assigned.
Team training

Training is a training team consisting of a group of individuals for which they must finish the job together a team for a common goal.
Creativity training

Creativity training is based on the assumption holding that creativity can be learned. It means workers are given the opportunity to put out ideas as freely as possible based on the rational and cost assessment.
Any method or technique of vocational training?
Job training techniques are generally divided into two: on the job training and off the job training. On the job training is more widely used than the off-the-job training. Why is that? Because of on the job training program is more focused on increasing productivity quickly. While the method of off-the-job training is more likely to focus on the development and long-term education.
What is included in the category of techniques on the job training?
On the job training is divided into six kinds:
Job instruction training

This training requires a thorough analysis of the performance of the work. The training begins with the initial explanation of the purpose of work, and shows the steps execution of work.